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Using Icons in Web Design

When you’re creating a website there is one very important thing to remember – you need to ensure that in a very short space of time you have attracted visitors and driven them to your call to action.

You can have the best content in the world but if the site isn’t visually pleasing then you’re unlikely to see any conversions.

One way to hook visitors and drive them through to other areas of the site is through the use of icons. They are a very visual way for visitors to understand and identify with what you’re trying to tell them. We all see icons and symbols constantly in daily life, so our brain instantly identifies them. It makes sense therefore to use them on your website.

Lets take a look at some websites that have used icons.

Sleeky Web Design

Newcastle web design agencyThis Newcastle web design agency has used custom icons to clearly illustrate their range of services. The use of colour further differentiates the services.

Inspect Air

Inspect AirThis company which offers arial photography has used custom icons to show the different sectors they offer their services to. The instantly recognisable icons appeal to individuals who may not realise that they work in their sector.

J3 Building Solutions

J3 Building SolutionsThis website for one of the leading construction companies in Newcastle has icons to demonstrate their four services in a very visual way. Any visitor to the site will identify the symbols and what they relate to. Anyone looking for Newcastle builders will instantly be able to access the information they require.

So you use custom icons on your website? It’s a great way to get your mesage across and appeal to visitors, as shown above. Let us know what you think!